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    Guys and Girls

    1- Guys drink to forget about girl.

    – Girls drink to think back about the guy.

    2- Guys can forget, but cannot forgive.

    – Girls can forgive, but cannot forget.

    3- Guys care the most about the quantity of love.

    – Girls care the most about the quality of love.

    4- Guys break-up when they feel love from another girl.

    – Girls break-up when they feel the feeling of separation from her man.

    5- Guys feel towards all girls.

    – Girls feel curiosity towards guys who is interested in her.

    6- When guys are heartbroken, they try to forget about the girl by going out with another girl.

    – When girls are heartbroken, they try go find his characteristics from another guys.

    7- Guys wish to be her first love.

    – Girls wish to be his last love.

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    Tags: definition of love, love meaning, meaning of love, what is the meaning of love?   


    To my knowledge, LOVE between girls or boys or man and woman can actually be defined my the abbreviated words bellow.For whom he find love is fantastic
    For whom he/she comes across love is blind
    L=Lake of sadness
    O=Ocean of tear
    V=Valley of death
    E=End of live
    Choose which one have you guys there encountered?Be careful you guys there, don’t put your feet in the hot water!!
    Have you ever heard a woman say something like:
    “I want a guy who is sensitive.”
    “I want a guy who’s in touch with his feelings.”
    “I want a guy who’s a good communicator.”
    “I want a guy who is strong.”
    “I want a guy who is sexy.” …?
    Of course you have.
    Women say this stuff all the time.
    One of my favorites is:
    “I want a REAL MAN.”
    I love that one.
    In the past, when I’d hear women say, “I want aREAL MAN”, I had NO IDEA what the hell they were talking about.
    It almost didn’t make sense. But keep in mind, even though these things don’t always make sense to us guys, they make PERFECT sense to women.
    Here’s the problem… When a woman says one of these things, she actually MEANS something that is different from what a guy would mean if he said the same words. Let me explain. If a guy says “I’m going to stay home and relax today”, he probably means that he’s going to stay home, watch some sports, drink a beer, look atpictures of women on the internet, and order a pizza. If a WOMAN says that she’s going to stay home and relax, she’s probably NOT going to watch some sports, drink a beer, look at pictures of women on the internet, and order a pizza. Women are DIFFERENT from men. And the words they use often don’t mean what they SOUND like they mean.
    So, the FIRST thing that you have to get through your head is that just because a woman SAYS something to you, doesn’t mean that it meanswhat you THINK it means. Catch my meaning?THE BIG SECRET SHE ISN’T TELLING YOU
    There’s a little secret that women never happen to mention when they’re describing what they want in a man.
    Unfortunately, for all of us good guys who are trying to be what women want… and hoping that if we try hard enough to please women that they’ll like us… this little secret is causing us a LOT of trouble. The SECRET is that women ONLY want the things that they’re asking for from a guy who already has about 100 other qualities that they never mention.
    In other words, if a woman says, “I want a man who is a good communicator”, what she REALLY means is:”I want a guy who already has his life together, is interesting, unpredictable, dominant, funny,healthy, charismatic, confident, and loyal… who is ALSO a good communicator.”
    The REALITY is that when a woman says one of these “I want a guy who” statements, she actually has an IDEAL guy in mind, who ALSO happens to be a good communicator. She’s NOT imagining Homer Simpson sitting on his couch reading a book on communication. The reality of this situation is that what women REALLY want is a man who makes them feel the emotional and physical response that I like to call ATTRACTION.
    They want a man who makes them FEEL IT. But, most women either can’t describe the things that actually make her feel ATTRACTION, or they don’t WANT to have to describe them, because they want a man who already IS those things… without having to learn them. Think about it. If you were hiring a bodyguard, would you wantone that said, “Yeah, I can be a bodyguard. Just give me some time to learn…” or would you want one that already KNEW how to kick ass anytime,anywhere without having to learn? Duh. Well, the same goes with women. They don’t WANT a guy that they have to train. If you don’t already have the UNIVERSAL FOUNDATION of what appeals to women, then no amount of changing and improving things, like yourcommunication and sensitivity, is going to help you.WHAT IS A REAL MAN? Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the idea of a “Real Man”. You hear both women and men using the term. But what does it actually MEAN? And is it important? Well, after thinking about this particular topic for a long time, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a VERY important topic. At this point, I believe that a REAL MAN is this “ideal” that women imagine when they’resaying “I want a guy who is sensitive”. They’re thinking of the REAL MAN, and then they’re imagining him ALSO being sensitive.
    There are a lot of aspects to this REAL MAN. Here are a few that are important:-Status -Lack of Insecurities -Standards -Experience -Humor -Unpredictability -Leadership -A Challenge …and the list goes on. It’s actually not easy to describe a REAL MANin a few sentences… but I’ll tell you what… a woman can recognize one INSTANTLY.THE MISTAKE MEN MAKE Now, a common mistake that men make is taking something that a woman SAYS that she wants, and doing it TOO MUCH, thinking that if “A little bit is good, then more must be better”. For instance, a woman SAYS that she likes guys who are “thoughtful”. So you go out and buy her a bunch of gifts, give her cute cards every time yousee her, and call her all the time to tell her that you miss her. What happens? She leaves you for her jerk ex-boyfriend. Huh? This would be kind of like a woman saying, “My favorite food is chocolate” and then you thinking it would be good to feed her chocolate for everymeal just because it’s her favorite… or adding chocolate to every single dish you make for her from now on… and forgetting that 97% of whatshe eats still needs to be OTHER FOODS. Let me land the plane for you. Women don’t MEAN what you THINK they mean when they talk about what they want in a man. And if you take the things women say too literally, you’re going to wind up shootingyourself in the foot.WHAT WOMEN REALLY MEAN… So let me “decode” what women “really” mean when they say common things. Consider this your own personal “female language translator”. Refer to it often. WHEN A WOMAN SAYS…”I want a guy who is sensitive.” WHAT SHE REALLY MEANS IS…”I want a guy who is busy doing his own thing in life, who has goals and objectives… who haspassion for things. If we’re out together, he always keeps me on my toes, and I’m alwayswondering what’s going to happen next. He’s challenging, interesting, and funny. I wouldreally like it if he was also sensitive enough to know when I need a hug, or to be held, or when I want him to make love to me.” Does this make sense? Again, she’s not imagining a picture of a boring, predictable, Wussy who is sharing his hurtfeelings because he’s so “sensitive”. Big difference. WHEN A WOMAN SAYS…”I want a guy who is in touch with his feelings.” WHAT SHE REALLY MEANS IS…”I want a guy who is strong-willed, and whodoesn’t get upset about petty things… a guy who can deal with the fact that I freak outemotionally sometimes… and who knows how to be cool when things are tough. But I also want him to be in touch with his feelings so that: 1) He doesn’t repress his emotions and then eventually kill 10 people in his workplace, and 2) When he’s intimate with me, and he feels a passionate rush… he’ll grab me and make love to me like a beast!” What she’s NOT doing is making a picture of a meek, afraid guy who calls all the time to ask “Do you like me? Because I sure like you”. WHEN A WOMAN SAYS:”I want a guy who’s a good communicator.” WHAT SHE REALLY MEANS IS…”I want a guy who doesn’t talk all the time, because he knows how to let me know what’s on his mind without using words. I want the kind of guy that can touch me in a certain way and I feel tingles all over my body. And I want the kind of guy that can say things in a way that Iunderstand… not crudely and man-like.”WHAT ABOUT “SEXY”? You’ll often hear women saying that they what a “Sexy Man”. Now, I USED to think that they meant that they wanted a PHYSICALLY ATTRACTIVE man when they said this. Sometimes this is exactly what they mean when they use the term “sexy”. But I’ve found that,most of the time, women mean something TOTALLY different when they use the term “sexy”. You see, a woman generally bases more of her life around what she FEELS than a man does. And the concept of “sexy” is usually used to describe the way a man makes a woman FEEL than it is used to describe how HE LOOKS. Think about women’s romance novels for a moment. Women’s romance novels account for about a fifth of ALL BOOKS SOLD. What do these books contain? WORDS. Words that DESCRIBE things. Descriptions that make women FEEL things. My point: If you want to learn how to be a “sexy man”, then the way you LOOK isn’t the most IMPORTANT thing. I’ll tell you something – Learning the secrets of being a “sexy man” can be a very rewarding experience. A lot of guys out there, including me, know EXACTLY what it’s like to be either on a date with, or in a relationship with a woman who has NOINTENTION of being with you “physically”. In other words, she’s just not feeling that powerful “sexual” ATTRACTION for you. And you don’t know how to MAKE her feel it. Well, let me tell you… Just like all the other things that a woman “says” that she wants in a man… that most men don’t ever “get”, being SEXY is one of the BIG ONES. If you understand the secrets of being SEXY,you will notice that women start to behave VERY differently around you.
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    Cambodia Family

    In Cambodian society, the immediate family is much more important than the extended family. And the mother’s side of the  family rate higher than the father’ s Cambodians do not form kinship groups as found in Chinese and Indian societies, and extended family ties are not as important.

    But within the immediate family, Cambodians are very close to one another. Relationships are based on the younger generation homouring and obeying the older brother’s generation, and appearing humble before them. Younger siblings obey older brothers and sisters, while the older ones assume responsibility for the behavior of the younger ones.

    Cambodian women play vital roles within the family and in the community, for they nurture their own children and provide food for the community’s monks when the monks’ make their morning rounds.

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      I think some family won’t like that, but for the general I would say YEA

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    Cambodia Lifestyle

    Today Cambodia is both modern and traditional. In the present world, institutions and laws ensure that advancing in society is possible for anyone with ambition and talents. But Cambodia culture has old and deep roots, and traditional Cambodia ‘s society is established in customs and attitudes that are centuries old. Cambodians believe they ate born into a place in society that is determined by the karma (the effects of thought and deed) of their past lives. However, for their acts of (Thveu Bonn) making merit-they can advance their social position . Despite this, there will always be people they deal with who are of higher or lower status. And this must be acknowledged by proper speech and the relevant gestures and actions appropriate to the given social situation. Thus, for most Cambodian, meaning people who are given special treatment because of their higher status.

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    The Chinese New Year

    The Chinese consider the first day of their new year to be very important day. Chinese, irrespective of whether they are rich or poor, celebrate this occasion fittingly, needless to say to envy of other. They are the national who doesn’t forget their culture, traditional and customs as easily as other do. They regard this as something noble or secret. Most of them celebrate the occasion with great pomp and show.
    Usually, preparation for the celebration of the New Year are made month ahead. Cakes of various kinds are made; the houses are cleaned, painted or white washed and hung on the walls. The Chinese regard the red colors as auspicious and much importance in attached to the fact.

    On the Eve of the New Year’s Day the women-folk perform a small ceremony just in front of the man door by offering foods and delicacies to their ancestors, gods and goddesses. They also burn joss-sticks and joss-papers.

    On New Year day, the members of the families get up early and pray to gods for the properties and happiness of the families. Amid all these various celebration the elder members of family present the younger ones “Ang Pow” or red packets containing money.

    The Chinese in the course of the New Year celebration have reunion dinner in which all the members of the family even married sons and daughter take part. In the feast such delicacies as salted ducks and things imported from china are prominent.

    On the morning of the New Year’s Day crackers are fire in every household. The Chinese believed that the firing of crackers scare away unclean spirits. There not a single household, however poor it maybe, that does not fire crackers on the New Year Day. In big towns and cities the firing of crackers are so deafening that some people remain indoor. ( Now, law in Singapore forbids firing of crackers) Everyone on this day new cloths and says on inauspicious words. Greeting such as Kong Hee Fatt Choy “(Wish you the best of good luck) and “See Koi Sing Long (Wealth throughout the year) are exchanged between friends or relatives.

    In Singapore and Malaysia the day is observes as a public holiday.

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    Pchum Ben Festival

    Pchum Ben is one of the most important festivals in Cambodia. Its lasts 15 days from the first of Photerbot (Khmer Month) Spirits commemoration festival is held for spirits of dead. Bonn Dak Ben offering of the foods to the monks that lasts the 15 days.
    The 15th day the ceremony “the waning month day” is calling Benn Pchum Ben, the collection of the bens (offerings). During this festival, if departed souls do not found their families making offering at any pagodas. It is believed that the souls will curse and bother the descendants through out the year.

    Cambodia people believed that the ghosts and sinful spirits are afraid of the light. That is why, the festival is held during the waning month of Photerbot when evil spirits and sinful ghosts are set free by king of death to visit their existing relatives. The king of the death allows them to ascend to the earth to visit their relatives.

    At their arrival, they will search seven Pagodas for foods that their relatives offer them through the monks. If they can not found, they will get angry with their descendants and will curse and bother them through out the year. There are some kind of insects that people have always thought that they are the sinful spirit who committed much sin in their former lives, can only bee seen during the Pchum Ben’s day.

    King Yasovarman, (889 – 910), was the first person to celebrate this festival. He prepared the Ben rice to worship the spirit of the heroes and heroines who had passed away in the war. The 15th days’ festival in the month of Photerbot is called “Kan Ben” which English means the participations in Pchum Ben “Ben” in Pali means “a piece of rice”

    Currently, Ben is a piece of the sweet rice cooked with coconut milk. For the first day of Kan Ben, people put a piece of Ben rice in a bowl and gradually add another piece each day until it reaches 15 pieces. In some area, they put eight rafters of rice in eight directions. Each rafter has one piece of Ben rice. According our custom, we take Ben rice home to be use in final day.

    Apart from Ben rice, we make Ben flowers to dedicate to Cholamony’s Stupa in heaven in which the Buddha’s hair was made in a bun when he entered monkshood. From the every first day of waning month of Photerbot, laymen and laywomen gather around pagodas to listens to the monk’s sermon. The one who arrives first has to drum to signalize to other laypeople. After hearing the signal, people bring Ben rice to pagodas. Before entering the temple, they have to walk in procession for three times. There are two kinds of sermons. One is dedicating the foods to the ghosts; another is to wake the sun to rise.

    One day before Pchum Ben, people prepare the Khmer traditional broths to their ancestors. At pagodas, they clean the temples and pagodas’ campuses. Then they invite the monks to chant scripture and then they preach sermon to consecrate to the dead, and to perform the coronation of Buddha’s Status.

    In the evening of the same day, people gather around the worship their ancestors; they lay out mats covered with white color cloth and white pillows. Between both sides of the mates, they place foods, desert and Ben rice. The oldest of the families kindle the incenses and candles to invite spirit of the dead to come for dinner and to ask the spirit to bless them in return. At dawn of the next day, the descendants make the rafter make of banana tree, loaded with rice, to drift away from their ancestor to take their places. In same houses, they perform festival as the last evening to pray to the village God to bless them. They perfume the horns of the cattle to ask for forgiveness that they had uses them for their work for the whole year. Farmers scatter Ben rice in the paddy fields to ask for fruitful produces later on.

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    Khmer New Year Celebration

    The Khmer New Year is one of the major celebrations in Cambodian culture; it is based on the lunar calendar, and is celebrated in mid-April, which is the first month of the year in Cambodia. This time of year also represents the end of the harvest. It is a time for farmers to enjoy the fruits of their harvest and relax before the raining season begins. An astrologer determines the exact date for which the celebration will be held.

    The celebration lasts for three days. During this time, several people take word off to commemorate the New Year. They spend time visiting family and friend as well as the Buddhist pagodas. The Buddhist religion plays a major role in many of the celebration includes the cleaning of their homes. The people clean them thoroughly to rid them of any unclean spirits. They also buy silk to make new cloths. The men and boys wear the black pants with white rounded- neck shirts, while the women and girls ware skirts with colorful, decorated robes

    The clean houses and cloths represent a new beginning. The celebration lasts for three days. Each day has a name and activities attached. Day one is called Maha Sangkrant. It is the entry into the New Year, Signal by the drum or bell of the Buddhist of the temple. With the sounding, it believed that the new angle arrives. Throughout the day, the people participate in ceremonies and games. One of these activities is the building of a small sand “mountain.” Each piece of sand that is added is believed to produce more health and happiness in their lives. The people bring the foods for the monks and pray with them. There is a feast of traditional foods such as peanut curries, noodle and tree mushrooms.

    The second day is Vana Bat. It is a time for more prayers. This day is a day to show consideration to elders. Parents, grandparents, and teachers are given gilts from children out of respect and it is a time to serve. Cambodians offer charity to the less fortunate, participate in services activities, and forgive others of misdeeds that may have been done to them. The people continue to add to their sand mountain

    The final day is called Loeung Sack. On this day, the monks bless the sand mountain. This is also the day for the cleansing of the Buddhist statues. The people wash their statues with perfumed water. It is though to be a kind deed that will bring good luck, long life and happiness. The bathing also symbolizes hope for sufficient rainfall for the rice harvest. The Cambodian New Year is observed in other countries, including the Unite State, and by many Cambodian immigrants. In the United States the celebration only lasts for two days. Many of the same ceremonies and activities are planned for and participate in. This allows for those who fled their country to remember their culture and share it with their children.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!
    Best whishes in your whole life!!!!!!!!
    May you prosper in the year…
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    Cambodia Civil War (1967-1975)

    The Cambodia Civil War was a step that bring Cambodian into the Killing Field that lead to bloodshed in which nearly 2 millions Cambodian get killed. The Cambodia Civil War was a conflict between two sides, the Communist Party of Kampuchea (known as the Khmer Rouge) and their allies the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV or North Vietnam) and the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam (NLF) against the government forces of Cambodia (after October 1970, the Khmer Republic), which were supported by the United States (U.S.) and the Republic of Vietnam (RVN or South Vietnam).

    For more detail about Cambodia Civil War (1967-1975), check out this url

    Some Pictures During Cambodia Civil War (1967-1975)


    Young Khmer Rouge Solider


    Some High Ranking People of Khmer Republic (Gen. Lon Nol)


    Khmer Rouge Leaders


    Prince Norodom Sihanouk (Meeting in Beijing)


    US B-52 Bomb Over Cambodia


    General Lon Nol


    Pol Pot (Khmer Rouge Leader)

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    poison arrow.PNG


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